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Crow Mary

Crow Mary

In Montana in the summer of 1872, Crow Mary marries Abe Farwell, a white fur trader, and accompanies him to his trading post in the Cypress Hills of Saskatchewan, Canada. In the spring of 1873, they are preparing to return to Montana when they witness the Cypress Hills Massacre, in which forty innocent Nakoda are killed by a drunken gang. Following the massacre, Crow Mary single-handedly rescues five Nakoda women who are being held captive and abused by the gang. Thus, she sets off a whirlwind of colliding cultures that brings out the worst and best in the cast of unforgettable characters and pushes the love between Farwell and Crow Mary to the breaking point. Inspired by the life of the real Crow Mary and endorsed by her great-granddaughter, Crow elders, and Crow scholars, this is an epic love story that sweeps across decades, showcases the beauty of the natural world, and probes the intimacies of a marriage and one woman’s heart.

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Praise for Crow Mary

“My favorite novels shine a light on women that history books have forgotten. Over twenty years ago, Kathleen Grissom heard about an incredible woman named Goes First, and Crow Mary is worth the wait. While reading Crow Mary, I couldn’t help but think of My Ántonia by Willa Cather, and the debt we owe to the women who came before us.”
—Janet Skeslien Charles, New York Times bestselling author of The Paris Library

“I fell into the world of Crow Mary utterly and completely. It’s a superbly spun tale about a life that deserves to be told.”
—Martha Conway, author of The Physician’s Daughter

“Kudos to Grissom for weaving truth into masterful storytelling about Crow Mary’s epic journey. The result presents the fragile legacy of an emancipated woman determined to make her own destiny. Prepare to marvel at the strength and wisdom of Crow Mary. She is a heroine for all times.”
—Leah Weiss, bestselling author of If the Creek Don’t Rise and All the Little Hopes

“Kathleen Grissom is a tremendously gifted storyteller. Here she combines intensive research and her own superb novelistic skills to unveil one of our nation’s darkest eras. In the process she brings back to life her narrator, the real Crow Mary—a Native American woman who, with love, wit, and pure strength of character, not only survives these seemingly impossible times, but prevails against all odds. A riveting tale, beautifully told.”
—Jim Fergus, author of The Vengeance of Mothers

Crow Mary is a richly detailed story of a woman caught between two cultures. You’ll be captivated by Mary’s strength and determination as she struggles to save her family and her people from destruction. A compassionate and deeply satisfying novel.”
—Sandra Dallas, New York Times bestselling author of Where Coyotes Howl

“Kathleen Grissom has the gift of waking up the past with fever, illuminating an aspect of American history that few know. Each page engulfed me in a world of conflict, love, and heartache. Tender, compelling, and a profoundly educational and satisfying read. The strength and sheer bravery of Crow Mary will stay with me for a long time.”
—Sadeqa Johnson, author of Reese’s Book Club Pick The House of Eve

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